Urban Canopee

Greening up and cooling down our cities

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Welcome Urban Canopee to Australia – exquisite green living sculptured caponies providing cooler, more resilient and sustainable urban environments.

Urban Canopee’s revolutionary freestanding Green Funnels are the latest innovation for transforming hot, built-up civil hardscapes into a thriving urban oasis.

Perfect for modern cityscapes where trees can’t be planted, Green Funnels are aesthetically beautiful, multifunctional structures that provide shade, improve air quality and attract biodiversity – all via the power of living plants.

Available in a variety of heights and crown widths, the Urban Canopee is innovative, environmentally responsible freestanding furniture – ideal for urban parks, open public spaces, pedestrian areas, corporate offices, universities and schools.  Whatsmore, their exquisite sculptural form lights up at night, making them the perfect accessory to Australia’s already vibrant street-art culture.

Capable of withstanding up to some of Australia’s harshest climates, each Green Funnel:

– Can support up to three different climbing plant species.
– Is self-sufficient and equipped with a solar panel, battery, water pump and smart irrigation system.
– Can be easily installed and relocated if required.

The optional extras available include:

– Pots in over 200 colour variations.
– Anti-graffiti paint.
– Mature climbing plants.
– Ongoing maintenance.
– Smart irrigation platform subscription.
– Natural and specifically formulated fertiliser.

Marcus Construction is an Australian distributor, supplier and preferred installer of the Urban Canopee system.  Plus, we can provide a maintenance program to help protect and extend the life of installed Green Funnels.

For advice on how to combat the effects of global warming in your cityscape by connecting with the cooling nature of plants, contact:

Tristan Filippone
Civil Landscapes Project Manager
+61 430 434 496

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Urban Canopee Maintenance Program

We have a full life-cycle maintenance program to ensure that your installed Urban Canopee structures withstand the elements, wear and tear and continue to bring to shade and greenery to your visitors for years to come.

With increased pressure on landscape architects and councils to provide sun-safe, climate-conscious installs from sustainable and lasting materials, we are committed to providing comprehensive maintenance and repair programs to our clients.

To report damage or to enquire about our lifecycle maintenance program, contact the team on 03 9335 5722 or email us.