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moveArt sculptures enliven urban civil landscapes and create an intersection between art and exercise.

Developed in Switzerland, the sculptures’ organic forms and natural rhythms are based on the double helix principle. They radiate beauty, making the structures objects of art and physical forms for creative exploration.

Crafted from certified 100% ecological and sustainable timber, each interactive form brings together art, safety and function to encourage visitors of all ages to explore and experience. moveArt sculptures are ideally suited to Australia’s active lifestyle – ideal for cityscapes, parks, gardens, riverbanks, rooftops, aged care facilities and schools.

All moveArt sculptures®meet playground safety standards and have an expected minimum lifetime of 25 years in an outdoor area.

moveArt sculptures are constructed from certified 100% ecological, sustainable and highly resistant Accoya timber, which is treated with a substance, essentially a very strong vinegar, that alters the timber’s cell structure, making it stronger and more durable against diverse and harsh outdoor environments.

Once installed, no maintenance is required.  The sculptures are highly resistant to vandalism, making them the perfect people-connecting solution for Australian civil landscaping projects.

moveArt’s vision is to “offers a sustainable and ecological way to enliven, integrate, inspire and create a harmony between human beings and their surroundings by combining the critical principles of art, functionality and safety.”

For advice on designing and installing your local civil landscape project speak to:

Joel Thornborough
moveArt sculptures Australian Project Manager
0411 836 554

Tristan Filippone
Civil Landscapes Project Manager
+61 430 434 496

Click here to see the forms that are available to order. with tried-and-tested but also innovative equipment.

Marcus is the moveArt sculptures Australian Sales Partner and Authorised Installer.

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All about moveart

moveArt GmbH offers a sustainable and ecological way to enliven, integrate, inspire and create a harmony between human beings and their surroundings by combining the key principles of art, functionality and safety.

moveArt sculptures offer

– Unique, timeless designs.
– Multifunctional uses both indoors and out.
– Safety.
– Sustainability.
– Low maintenance and resistance to vandalism
– An intersection of art and movement.

Building inspiring, safe civil landscapes for more than 20 years.

We have a highly-skilled installation team that has been building inspiring, safe scapes far and wide across Australia for more than 20 years. We believe that the very fabric of Australia’s culture is crafted through our access to ‘play’ throughout one’s lifetime.

Marcus considers creative landscapes as fundamental to cognitive learning and creativity. Green and fun landscapes ‘speak’ a universal language that unites generations and cultures via the unforgettable moments they create.