Installers of inspiring places that create unforgettable memories and unite generations

We have a highly skilled playscape installation team that has been building inspiring, safe playscapes far and wide across Australia for more than 20 years. We believe that the very fabric of Australia’s culture is crafted through our access to ‘play’ throughout one’s lifetime.

Marcus considers playscapes as fundamental to cognitive learning and creativity. Playscapes ‘speak’ a universal language that unites generations and cultures via the unforgettable moments they create.

Richter Spielgeraete
Playscape Assembly

Richter Spielgeraete Authorised Assembly Partner

Marcus has a long association with Richter Spielgeraete which is notably recognised as a leading global designer and manufacturer of modern playscapes. We are avid supporters of the brand which considers ‘living spaces’ to be a social necessity.

Proudly, we were the first, and remain the only qualified Richter Spielgeraete Assembly Partner in Australia. We have been safely constructing the full range of equipment since it first reached Australian shores.

Richter Spielgeraete equipment is ideally suited to Australian parklands. Not only is it engineered to handle Australia’s diverse environmental elements, the brand is also committed to using natural resources in a sustainable manner. Unlike many other playscape assemblers, Richter Spielgeraete embraces and celebrates the character that forms in natural materials such as timber, caused by the natural the ageing process. As such, Richter rejects the use of unnatural coatings and lacquers that strip these materials of their organic state and can be damaging to the natural environment.

To discover more about the range that encourages “as much play value as possible” contact the Marcus team today.

Richter Spielgeraete Maintenance Program

We have a full life cycle maintenance program to ensure that Richter playscape equipment stands the test of time and continues to bring to joy to the people that engage it, long after the first instalment.

With increased pressure on landscape architects and councils to provide safe playscapes made from sustainable and lasting materials, we are committed to leading the industry by delivering comprehensive playground maintenance and repair programs to our clients.

To report damage or to enquire about our lifecycle maintenance program, contact the team on 03 9335 5722 or email us.