Welcoming Richter Spielgeräte as Australian Partner in Play March 27, 2020

A new era of play has arrived at Marcus Constructions, following the announcement of an exclusive Australian partnership with German playground specialists Richter Spielgeräte.

Through this partnership, it is hoped that Australian park visitors will be seeing many more unique and wonderful play playgrounds adorning parklands across the country. Richter Spielgeräte’s strong focus on safety, stability, environmental friendliness, play value and sustainably sourced wood makes their playscape equipment perfect for cultivating memorable local experiences.

Civil project architects, town planners, aged care planners and educational institutions can expect to hear from Marcus Construction over the coming weeks. Not only will they be introducing the new and extraordinary playscape offerings, but they will also be supporting existing Australian customers with their world-first Richter Spielgeräte Play-Maintenance Program.

Marcus Constructions is confident that this partnership will allow them to inject their passion for constructing tangible, memorable spaces for all ages into what Richter Spielgeräte term the ‘play world’ experience.

 The Perfect Fit

As long-standing affiliates, Marcus Constructions have been named the primary agent for sourcing and installing the full range of Richter Spielgeräte timber play equipment in playscapes across Australia.

And, while it may be news to some, the team at Marcus have in-fact been safely constructing and installing Richter equipment since it first reached Australian shores, making them the perfect fit for the job.

“The team and I are incredibly excited to welcome Richter to Marcus Constructions’ family. As a locally owned, family operated business, we share the brand’s passion for consistently delivering quality craftsmanship and personalised service.”

“…Welcoming Richter to the team is a great opportunity for us to provide a more multi-faceted experience for our customers. Our ability to source, install and maintain bespoke play equipment means we can nurture projects with an acute understanding of the building site, install and maintenance needs from the beginning, to end and beyond.”

– Chris Tsakmakis – Owner, Marcus Constructions

About Richter Spielgeräte 

Founded in 1967, Richter Spielgeräte stemmed from Hilde Richter’s early fascination with re-purposing wooden materials into children’s play equipment – a market which, until some 50 years ago, was solely dominated by lifeless steel-structures.

Julian Richter (son of Hilde) created the first prototypes of her sketches in 1967 and has since developed almost 1,000 wooden designs inspired by this period: including tractors, playing houses, building sites and their famous Richter snail. “The snail not only stands for the like-named play character but, with its slow pace, friendly character and down-to-earth approach, it also symbolises the Richter company philosophy.”

“Hilde Richter was not only successful in changing the way communities think – above all; she was able to pass on her vision of making the world a little bit better for children to her son and her grandson, who today runs the company. The Richter’s don’t simply build playgrounds; they create play worlds. A deep awareness of social and educational issues forms the basis for the family’s heartfelt understanding of children.”

Learn more about our Richter Spielgeräte range here.

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