Seamless landscaping at Monash University, Queens Ave – Caulfield April 6, 2019

The Queens Avenue structure has transformed the arterial campus road at Monash University Caulfield into a pedestrian thoroughfare that melds perfectly within its environment.

Completed in 2018 by Marcus Constructions, the Queens Avenue boardwalk “transforms an existing road into a social and dynamic space through its connection to a series of activity areas such as cafes, outdoor workshops and retail outlets.” – TCL Architects

The installation’s structured steel archway and timber boardwalk design work together to complement both the organic parklands and modern university buildings that surround. The large boardwalk installation also gives students and faculty members a pleasant place to study and socialise outdoors year-round.

Marcus Constructions are proud to have worked collaboratively with Glas Landscape Architects, ACE Contractors and J&H Price to deliver the refurbishment of Queens Avenue to the Monash Caulfield campus.

Throughout the four months of construction, Marcus assisted with the installation of:

– Structural steel and timber decking
– Architectural steelworks
– Retaining wall
– Custom gas enclosure fabrication and installation

Not surprisingly, the grand Monash structure received the AILA Victoria Landscape Architecture award in the Civil Landscaping category last year as a part of Open House Victoria.

Collaborating Partners:
Monash University, Caulfield Campus
Glas Landscape Architects
TCL Architects
ACE Contractors
J&H Price

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