Growing Australian Urban Cities Green November 20, 2020

A new era of ‘Growing Australian Urban Cities Green’ is here following the announcement of Marcus Constructions’ partnership with Urban Canopee

Aesthetically beautiful, Urban Canopees are modular sculptural furniture structures designed to bring cooler, shadier and more resilient cityscapes.

“Australian cities can expect to see local urban areas sprouting to life, with exquisite modern green plant canopy shade sculptures.  We couldn’t think of a better innovation to decorate our local cityscapes! Not only do the green canopies bring needed shade to hot, built-up civil landscapes, they also help to combat air pollution and attract biodiversity”

Whatsmore, these beautiful modern structures provide the perfect touch of light and ambient magic to city streets, bringing more art to the streets and illuminating the unique nightlife culture our country is renowned for.
– Chris Tsakmakis – Owner, Marcus Constructions

Each Urban Canopee is supplied as a solution package, including:

– Composite structure.
– Steel pot assembly.
– Site installation.
– Climbing plants.
– Suitable substrate for location.
– Sensopee irritation box.
– Solar panel and battery kit.
– Install site engineering calculations.

Available in a variety of heights and crown widths, Urban Canopee’s innovative, environmentally responsible and freestanding Green Funnels are the ideal for urban parks, open public spaces, pedestrian areas, corporate offices, universities and schools. 

 Further to the announcement,  of new and exciting Canopee range, Marcus Constructions will also be supporting new and existing Australian customers through their bespoke Urban Canopee client maintenance program.

Through this partnership, Marcus Constructions is excited to inject their passion for constructing tangible, memorable Australian cityscapes through an ongoing commitment to enhancing civil landscaping architecture, climate biodiversity and sustainable, climate-resilient solutions.

 “We are delighted to partner with Urban Canopee …Welcoming Urban to the team is a great opportunity for us to provide a more multi-faceted experience to our customers. Our ability to source, install and maintain bespoke, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing solutions means that we can nurture projects with a local understanding and a proven ability to help achieve long term civil landscaping project objectives.

 About Urban Canopee

 “At Urban Canopee, we are committed to building cooler, more resilient and more environmentally sustainable cities. We aim to cover the city’s landscape with a modular, reversible, natural and light-weight vegetation mesh.

 Our technologies adapt to every urban context by providing a rapid and easily implemented alternative to complement existing green spaces. We develop low-carbon, energy and water-efficient solutions to combat the effects of climate change.

We are committed to devoting our skills, know-how and energy to climate resilience. As of today, we are taking action to pass on more liveable and breathable cities to future generations.”

 For more information on the suitability of the Urban Canopee range for your civil landscaping project, click here.

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